Tax Evasion Smear

We have paid all the appropriate state and federal taxes in every state that we have done business (such as holding a convention). It is ludicrous to suggest otherwise.

This rumor began when one blogger noticed that we had not filed all our LLC paperwork in every state we do business. As a company with one owner, in many states it is not required to file certain corporation paperwork in order to pay taxes, because often the company is disregarded for tax purposes – it is the individual paying the taxes.

After this was pointed out, we took the issue to a lawyer and filed additional paperwork, such as foreign LLC registrations, in every state.

Details: After paying all the annual taxes on profits and sales, and other regular corporate filing fee, our tax amount paid annually ends up being almost 50% of the convention's entire profits. This final amount is what makes up my final salary, explained on the salary page.