Smear Campaign against Ryan Kopf

What is a smear campaign?

A smear campaign is an organized campaign by even just one person to discredit someone else with lies, slander, and fabrications. In the internet age this is easy – all you have to do is sign up for a blog service anonymously.

Smear campaign claims are always dubious, based on shadowy logic and suggestions of connections between unconnected things.

What this smear campaign really accomplishes, is causing pain to my friends, who pour their blood, sweat, and tears, into running loveable events. My friends and I put our hearts and soul into our conventions, to provide a safe place where a nerd can be themselves without fear. The smear campaign and untrue stories about me hurts my friends, making all their efforts more difficult, which they do not deserve.

Rumor: Ryan Kopf is a rapist

Fact: Ryan Kopf has never even been so much as arrested.

Court records in Iowa show I have been in several lawsuits – this is pretty common for any corporate CEO or large corporation. None of these are sexual assault related.

One is a vehicle registration ticket for not having an updated registration sticker. I was living in Iowa City attending the university, and never received the renewal notice which was sent to my parent’s house.

Another is a lawsuit about an article I wrote giving a negative review to a company. The company sued and we settled out of court, reaching an agreement we both considered very fair.

Two lawsuits are about a former live-in girlfriend of mine. Immediately after I broke up with her, she began harassing me on the internet. We counter sued each other for restraining orders. The results were that I received a restraining order protecting me from her. We both spoke to the judge, and the judge agreed that I needed to be protected from her, and NOT the other way around.

Finally I am suing the people who have been posting about me anonymously online.

The Fact Is Ryan has NOT ONCE been arrested or charged with any crime EVER.

Rumor: All staff resigned from his conventions.

When someone started a smear campaign, a group of former staff in Minneapolis blasted an email claiming they and 20 others were resigning from my convention staff. This would have been disheartening, if there was much truth to it.

At least five people on this “list” emailed me quickly after and said they were not quitting, and had no idea what this was about.

Most of the rest were people I had never met or even knew from our staff. They were added to the list surreptitiously before this smear campaign began so that they could be part of the list of people “quitting”.

Three of the staff were executive level staff that I promoted after they demanded control the year prior. I liked their enthusiasm. But later realized their plot all along had been to obtain a convention for themselves. This, by itself, would have been fine, except they wanted to steal one already established. They had sent emails with demands like “Give us control,” which I later realized should have been the first warning signs of dangerous people.

These three, who I am not naming because even now I think “vengeance” is silly, left with the intent to start their own convention, which they since have.

Who is behind this smear campaign?

I have yet to unmask the perpetrator creating anonymous social media accounts in an attempt to discredit me, but I have several leads among staff that we had fired for their behavior and attitude towards our congoers. I am actively engaged in a lawsuit to discover them.