Ryan Kopf and Sexual Assault

Download Ryan Kopf’s Criminal Background Report

Fact: Ryan Kopf has never even been so much as arrested.

The truth is plain as day when you review the record. Court records in Iowa show I have been in several lawsuits – this is pretty common for any corporate CEO or large corporation. None of these are sexual assault related.

One is a vehicle registration ticket for not having an updated registration sticker. I was living in Iowa City attending the university, and never received the renewal notice which was sent to my parent’s house.

Another is a lawsuit about an article I wrote giving a negative review to a company. The company sued and we settled out of court, reaching an agreement we both considered very fair.

Two lawsuits are about a former live-in girlfriend of mine. Immediately after I broke up with her, she began harassing me on the internet. We counter sued each other for restraining orders. The results were that I received a restraining order protecting me from her. We both spoke to the judge, and the judge agreed that I needed to be protected from her, and NOT the other way around.

Finally I am suing the people who have been posting about me anonymously online.

But why are there multiple people saying this?

If you look closely, you will notice similarities among these anonymous social media accounts, and you might learn that most of them are created by the same person.

One ardent supporter of these rumors is, for example, the ex-girlfriend whom I had a restraining order against. The order lasted only six months, and so unfortunately there’s nothing I can do to stop her from slandering me in “payback”.

AnimeCon.org’s stance on sexual assault.

The smear campaign against me makes me and my company take any reports of sexual assault or sexual harassment more seriously than other conventions. I started by writing one of the most comprehensive and honest harassment policies ever seen at a convention.

I think protecting people goes beyond just a written policy. I have personally seen conventions use their written policies as a shield for bad behavior, saying “That can’t possibly have happened here, we have this great policy.” Enforcing my policy as vigorously as I do even earns us some enemies. We kick people out of our conventions for even the “tamest thing,” such as shouting “Nice ass” to a cosplayer.